Control of Mixing Driven by Coalescence of Sessile Drops

Numerous applications rely on the coalescence of multiple, miscible liquid drops with solid surfaces. Defect-free spray coatings rely on good control over the merging and leveling of droplets sprayed onto a surface. Inkjet printing resolution is determined in part by the sizes of deposited droplets on a paper surface, and the overlaying of drops to create the perception of color and hue to the eye. Spreading of individual drops on surfaces and coalescence of drops suspended in a fluid medium have been examined extensively. Yet, despite the importance of droplet interactions and merging dynamics in applications, very few studies have examined how multiple liquid droplets interact with one another on surfaces. Our work has examined in the scaling of bridge healing during coalescence of sessile wetting drops, as well as the dynamics of flow and mixing within the merged drop.

Current Students: Ying Zhang, Chaitanya Kavuri, Samuel Oberdick (collaborator)

Former Students: Pilgyu Kang

Collaborators: Steve Garoff

Related Publication

S.L. Anna and S. Garoff, “Apparatus and Process for Producing Patterned, Micron and Nanometer Size Reaction and Mixing Zones for Fluids Deposited on Smooth, Rough and Porous Surfaces and Applications of That Process,” Full Patent Application Filed February 15, 2011. Docket No. 279430.108_PCT.


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