Current Ph.D. Students

Dylan Lewis, Aqueous Two Phase Extraction to Purify and Characterize Protein Polymer Conjugates, Co-Advisor: Alan Russell.

Yanxin Li, Partitioning of Nanoscale Particles in Polymer-Surfactant Phase Separating Mixtures. 

Scott Pedu, Crystallization Kinetics in Microscale Batch Reactors. 

Charles Sharkey, Synthesis and Dynamics of Elastic Capsules with Controlled Interfacial Elasticity 

Thomas Brubaker, “A microfluidic lab on a chip device for real-time measurement of the freezing temperature spectrum and phase transitions of picoliter droplets,  Co-Advisor: R. Sullivan.

AnnaLab Alumni

Blake Bleier, Microfluidic Screening of Colloidal Stability of Non Aqueous Suspensions,  Co-Advisor: L. Walker.

Anthony Kotula, Emulsions and Foams with Particle-Laden Interfaces

Sharon Vuong, Acoustics of Bubbly Media

Todd Moyle, Tipstreaming of Surfactant-Laden Interfaces

Ying Zhang, Mixing in Sessile Drops

Chris Nelson, Biomolecule Extraction in Microscale Droplets

Stephanie Kirby, Competitive Adsorption at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

Nichole Asermely
, Organic Suspension Stability, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Nisha Holla, Heat Transfer in a Microtensiometer Flow Cell, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Gina Qian, Trapping Drops of Concentrated Suspensions, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Zefan Jiang, Microfluidic Resistance Simulations