Current Ph.D. Students

Anthony Kotula

Emulsions and Foams with Particle-Laden Interfaces

E-mail: akotula(at)         Webpage

Sharon Vuong

Acoustics of Bubbly Media

E-mail: svuong(at)         Webpage

Todd Moyle

Tipstreaming of Surfactant-Laden Interfaces

E-mail: tmoyle(at)         Webpage

Ying Zhang

Mixing in Sessile Drops

E-mail: yingz1(at)         Webpage

Chris Nelson

Biomolecule Extraction in Microscale Droplets

E-mail: cwn(at)         Webpage

Stephanie Kirby

Competitive Adsorption at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

E-mail: smk(at)         Webpage

Current M.S. Students

Nichole Asermely, Organic Suspension Stability, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Nisha Holla, Heat Transfer in a Microtensiometer Flow Cell, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Gina Qian, Trapping Drops of Concentrated Suspensions, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Zefan Jiang, Microfluidic Resistance Simulations

AnnaLab Alumni