Current Postdoc

Corine Jackman, Characterizing quorum sensing between cells of Streptococcus pneumoniae in droplets, Co-advisor: Luisa Hiller


Current Ph.D. Students

Yanxin Li, Partitioning of Nanoscale Particles in Polymer-Surfactant Phase Separating Mixtures 

Scott Pedu, Crystallization Kinetics in Microscale Batch Reactors. 


Current Master Students

Chijing Zang

Yathunandh Ruukmani


Current Undergraduate Students

Augustine Duffy


AnnaLab Alumni

Thomas Brubaker, “A microfluidic lab on a chip device for real-time measurement of the freezing temperature spectrum and phase transitions of picoliter droplets,  Co-Advisor: R. Sullivan

Charles Sharkey, Synthesis and Dynamics of Elastic Capsules with Controlled Interfacial Elasticity 

Dylan Lewis, Aqueous Two Phase Extraction to Purify and Characterize Protein Polymer Conjugates, Co-Advisor: Alan Russell

Blake Bleier, Microfluidic Screening of Colloidal Stability of Non Aqueous Suspensions,  Co-Advisor: L. Walker

Anthony Kotula, Emulsions and Foams with Particle-Laden Interfaces

Sharon Vuong, Acoustics of Bubbly Media

Todd Moyle, Tipstreaming of Surfactant-Laden Interfaces

Ying Zhang, Mixing in Sessile Drops

Chris Nelson, Biomolecule Extraction in Microscale Droplets

Stephanie Kirby, Competitive Adsorption at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

Nichole Asermely, Organic Suspension Stability, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Nisha Holla, Heat Transfer in a Microtensiometer Flow Cell, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Gina Qian, Trapping Drops of Concentrated Suspensions, Co-Advisor: Lynn Walker

Zefan Jiang, Microfluidic Resistance Simulations

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